Our History


Australian government

Australian government starts testing the growth of different trees as part of a regional development program. Santalum album shows promising potential which results in the first commercial scale plantations being initiated in 1990’s.


First plantations

First plantations of sandalwood Santalum album are established.


Santanol is founded

Santanol is founded. Santanol starts to develop 370 hectares of Santalum album in Kununurra.


Over 2,000 hectares

Santanol acquires additional Santalum album plantations, and consolidates its assets resulting in a major plantation spanning over 2,000 hectares.


First harvest

Santanol conducts its first harvest, establishes a pilot oil distillation facility and starts production of oil.


Oil distillation factory

Santanol sets up full-scale oil distillation factory in Perth and becomes a global leader in the production and supply of Santalum album oil and its derivative products while acquiring more land to extend the estate.


Completes the certification

Santanol becomes an approved member of the panel of buyer qualified by the Western Australian FPC (Forestry Product Commission) to purchase FPC-originated sandalwood Spicatum wood and starts distillations of sandalwood Spicatum oil. Santanol successfully completes the certification in key areas Quality Assurance, Occupational Health Safety, and Environmental Protection and is accredited ISO 9001:2015, OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001:2015.


Mercer International

Santanol is acquired by the global forest products group Mercer International (NASDAQ: MERC).


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