Environmental integrity is as important as product integrity. This is why Santanol are committed to protecting and supporting the wildlife and biodiversity of the growing region in Western Australia.

We plant annually and we have a mixed-age range of plantations ensuring a long-term sustainable supply. We help protect the environment through water-efficient irrigation techniques, sustainable soil management and clean energy for our distillation process.

Santanol uses sustainable management practices to ensure we have a reliable supply of products now and in the future. We own the entire process from seed propagation to oil distillation, and our oil and wood products are traceable all the way back to the seeds we plant.

Santanol is also part of a controlled global and legal sourcing initiative to secure global access to high quality Sandalwood worldwide.

Take a look at our sustainability story and experience our Sandalwood plantations:

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“There is no alternative to real, natural, and pure oil from Santalum album - its ingredients make it unique. We at Santanol are proud to be part of this journey to revive the reputation and appreciation of the queen of fragrant oils for our customers in an ethical and sustainable way.”