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The Santanol Group is a world leader in the production and supply of ethical, sustainable and reliable Australian grown Indian sandalwood Santalum album oil and products. MORE >

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ISO Certification

Santanol is pleased to announce that it successfully completed the certification in key areas Quality Assurance, Occupational Health Safety, and Environmental Protection. MORE >

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Santanol’s board and management multicultural team brings a wealth of skills and expertise across the forestry, operations, sales, marketing and financial aspects of the company. MORE >

Rémi Cléro

Rémi Cléro

Chief Executive Officer

Paulo Correa

Paulo Correa

Chief Operating Officer

Research & Development

Sandalwood has been harvested from natural forests since the dawn of recorded history but it is only the last 25 years that it has been commercially grown in dedicated plantations. The Ord Valley in the Kimberley region of Western Australia … MORE >


Other than the bark and leaves,
almost all of the sandalwood tree is used. MORE >

Santanol uses traditional, low pressure steam distillation to produce oil from the roots, trunks and large branches of the trees we grow.  The oil is collected in multiple fractions and blended to meet customer specifications.
Wood that is not suitable for oil production is chipped to customer specification for use in agarbatti production.  This product is available in bulk.
Spent Charge
Spent Charge
Wood that has been through our oil extraction process still retains a degree of the essential oils.  Spent charge is available in bulk chipped form.

Perth Headquarters:

17-21 Coulson Way
Canning Vale, Perth, WA 6155

Ph: +61-8-9242-1594

Kununurra Office:

Ph: +61-8-9168-3618

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