Precious Carving Logs: Large, straight, well-dimensioned logs are selected at harvest and dried under controlled conditions to produce stable wood suitable for furniture production, carving and other use.

The art of sandalwood carving has been practiced in Asia for thousands of years. Unfortunately, its popularity has endangered native sources of sandalwood throughout the world. Santanol’s sustainable plantations ensure this art can continue and expand based on a reliable, long term supply.

With its fine grain and exceptional fragrance, our wood is ideal for carving, furniture and worship products. All of our wood has been hand selected to ensure it is free of imperfections and markings and is available in a range of sizes.

Woodchips: Wood that is not used for oil production is chipped to customer specification for use in agarbatti production. Woodchips are available in bulk chipped form.

Spent Charge: Wood that has been through steam distillation for oil extraction still retains a degree of the essential oils. Spent charge is available in bulk chipped form.