We pride ourselves on producing one of the finest essential oils found in nature.

Our pure and natural sandalwood Santalum album oil is extracted from the rich heartwood of the tree through steam-distillation and is suitable for use in fragrances, aromatherapy, flavours, cosmetics and skincare products. Its aromatic, fixative and medicinal properties have been known and treasured for centuries and now the oil is available from a truly ethical and sustainable source.

Our oil is produced and tested in our own distillation facility and laboratory ensuring conformity to ISO specifications and stringent worldwide requirements.

We produce our high quality oil from sandalwood trees we have grown and nurtured from seed. Santanol guarantees its pure and natural Santalum album oil has been ethically produced from renewable and sustainable plantations and that, at all steps in the process, we strive to minimise the environmental impact through efficient energy and water use.

Santanol’s Santalum album high standard oil conforms to ISO 3518:2002, IFRA and is approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE as conform to the COSMOS standard. 

Santanol sells its oil directly with a minimum order quantity of 1 kg.

Please contact Emilie via email: emilie.bell@santanol.com for more information or to place an order.

Pure Santalum album oil