Sustainable Supply

Santanol uses sustainable management practices to ensure we have a continuous, reliable supply of products now and in to the future.

Santanol owns and manages the entire process from seed propagation to oil distillation. Our oil and wood products are traceable all the way back to the seeds we plant.

Sustainability is guaranteed:

  • We replant more than what is harvested and own a mixed-age plantation ensuring a long-term sustainable supply in Australia.
  • We test the genetics of our plantations to ensure we maintain a healthy and diverse population base.
  • Our ongoing research and development and breeding program continuously improves the productivity of our plantations.
  • We are part of a controlled global and legal sourcing initiative to secure global access to high quality sandalwood worldwide.

We help protect the environment:

  • We replace wild harvest timber with plantation grown trees.
  • We replant more trees than harvested.
  • We use water-efficient irrigation techniques.
  • We use clean energy for our distillation process.

We also believe the feelings of health, renewed vitality and wellbeing that sandalwood products create should be reflected in the way it is produced. For Santanol, environmental integrity is as important as product integrity.

At Santanol, we are committed to develop beautiful products in a beautiful way.